No labels

All pictures are made with light

Official Ilford HP5Plus & Fuji X Series fanatic

1. Print formats, shipping costs and paying methods:

I print in first person, with dedicated Epson Claria photographic inks on Epson Glossy photographic paper 255 g/m², in the following formats:

  • 10×10 (indicates the image surface, it’s printed on 10×15 sheets of paper) € 10 each print*
  • 13×13 (indicates the image surface, it’s printed on 13×18 sheets of paper) € 15 each print*
  • 21×21 (indicates the image surface, it’s printed on 21×29,7=A4 sheets of paper) € 30 each print*

Important: most of my pictures come in square format, as you see them displayed on the website. If you’re interested in other formats please contact me and I’ll be pleased to print the pictures in the desired format

*Prices include ensured mail shipping in Italy

*For Europe add € 5 for every shipping

*For the Rest of the World add € 9 for every shipping

Note: every shipping will be limited to 350g and will use the “avis de la reception” system (requires customer signing)

Shippings in Europe and World Wide are free for orders above € 60,00

Payment methods: I accept only PayPal payment, for my and your convenience

2. For placing an order: please select the images you want to buy by number and send me an email to the following email address: monochromiosinstagram@gmail.com
I’ll contact you as soon as possible and will prepare with you your order


3. Special discount on prints prices: from July 5 2016 to July 30 2016 all prints prices will be discounted by 20%**
**(shipping costs remain the same)


4. Note that every picture will be printed in a limited number of 50 pieces hand signed and numbered







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