Image No. 231

Monticello d’Alba


Contax T3 at f:5.6, -0.3 exposure compensation, Ilford Delta 100 Professional 100 ISO film


Image No. 1


Giardini del Castello Reale di Govone (CN), Italy



Fujifilm X100S camera, film simulation mode B&W plus red filter, RAW file treated (as less as possible) with Lightroom plus Silver Efex Pro and with Instagram app tools



I never use titles for my pictures.

I’ve always thought that adding words to other systems of communication, like images and sounds, can do nothing more than subtract meaning from the original message that has to be given.

Obviously opinions are what they are: just personal points of view on the world.

You will find my images named by number and with a simple description of the place where they’ve been taken and some technical data.

If curiosity inspires you other questions, Just ask: