Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: November 2016

Bandcamp Daily

Neo Classical Artwork Metronome photo by nigel_appleton.

The taxonomy of contemporary classical music—new music, contemporary music, whatever you want to call it—is a thorny issue. But every two months we’ll take a look at some of the best composer-driven music to surface here on Bandcamp, making room for electronic experimentation, improvisation, and even powerful takes on older classics.

Scott Cazan, Ingress

L.A. experimentalist Scott Cazan creates a fascinating, pulsing collage on Ingress, a rich collision of field recordings, violin, electronics, and pitch pipe. In the first half of the piece, an inescapable machine buzz throbs in irregular, multi-channel patterns while quietly apocalyptic long-tones ascend and descend in slow-moving arcs, like an air raid siren torturing citizens by ramping up and winding down in a protracted fashion. As the smoke clears, an industrial hum undulates beneath echo-laden field recordings that suggest train station announcements. This summons a different kind of portent, but…

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