Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc


richard serra tilted arcThe year was 1979 and the Arts in Architecture Program had chosen noted sculptor Richard Serra to create a piece of work to occupy the space in Foley Federal Plaza near the Javits Federal Building in New York City.  The piece that Mr Serra created was a site-specific conceptual sculpture entitled Tilted Arc, the title a literal description to a huge piece of Cor-TEN steel 120′ X 12 X 2.5 which was placed in the plaza in such a way as to cut the plaza in half.  Intended to make commuters change their daily routes and engage with the city space in a new and different way, many citizens were angered over the sculpture.  Imagine if you will, a huge steel wall suddenly being right in your way on your morning commute…perhaps you would have been more mad at than appreciate of the newly erected, government-funded art work.  Tilted…

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