Image No. 73


Trying to explain the feeling connected to the aesthetic fruition, Freud introduced the concept of “Unheimlich” in 1919 in order to explain that feeling different from the properly called “fear” that we have when we are related to something we are used to that appears in a different way than the usual one, that shows sides or aspects that usually we don’t face. It can be a thing or a person that’s in front of us everyday, but that under a specific light changes our perception and our way to relate with it. Thinking to it nearly a century later I can’t avoid thinking how many things we see everyday aren’t really seen by our brain, aren’t processed by outlets mind but simply affect us in an unconscious way. How many of those things return as disturbing in our daily life is something everyone of us can see. Strangers to what is near: this seems our diagnosis. 


Contax T3 at f:2.8, -0.7 exposure compensation, Ilford FP4 Plus 125 ISO film


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