Album Review: David S. Ware – Birth of a Being (1977/2015)

Improvised and Experimental Music

David S. Ware’s Apogee – Birth of a Being (AUM Fidelity, 2015 reissue)

It’s mid-June, 2016. I’m in my 15-month-old child’s nursery and we are listening, both for the first time, to Birth of a Being, the 1977 debut of David S. Ware (in the collaborative trio Apogee with Cooper-Moore and Marc Edwards), exquisitely re-released and expanded by the AUM Fidelity label in 2015. Some things I want the reader to know right at the outset: (1) this is some of the most thrilling, ferocious, deep, and beautiful music I have heard in a long time; (2) as much as I love to write about music that excites me, I don’t know if the words that I know, placed in some specific order, can do this magnificent work any justice; and (3) none of the words I find will surprise those who are familiar with the genius of…

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