Image No. 41

How many times philosophy tried to face the question of well being as lack of pains? You can say it happened from the start, without going too far from truth. I’m looking at the sea today: it’s windy and the water moves fast and violently. A life without pain is really something we can dream of? Something like a sea without a wave, without emotions, with nothing more than the same stillness, time and time again? An eternal return of the same frame, same sensation. Are we eternal? We’re just little shells, trying to reach the shore to then turn back fast, wishing for the sea again. No anaesthetics, no philosophy of “the best of possible world”: until it hurts I’ll know I’m alive

iPhone 6 Plus, “Noir” camera mode, file treated (as less as possible) with Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro and Instagram app tools


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