Image No. 40

San Leo

Far from faith and religion as is meant in western culture, I just turned back and saw that contrast from inner darkness and out light. My friends say I’m a thinker in musical form: for the structure of my writing, for the constant quoting musicians. Well, can’t avoid thinking about Arvo Pärt and his vision of faith, his using faith as an opposition to system and oppression. As Schlegel stated: “Freedom is nothing. Being free is it all”. I’ve always seen religion as a way for submit men to the system. Just change your context and you have religion as a rebel’s belief. Never put yourself at the centre of the solar system: it suffice the sun. We are such a small thing with an ego full of illusions. “Tabula rasa” can be a new beginning in the offing. 


iPhone 6 Plus, “Noir” camera mode, file treated (as less as possible) with Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro and Instagram app tools


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