Image No. 36

Valdoisa, Asti

Today my brother in law made one of his usual inspection to my equipment. I love him, but my love goes under great pressure when he decide to make room in my things, throwing randomly away what he considers superfluous. “That Tri-X expired in 2005, it’s useless”. Man, let me you explain: that expired film is my special reserve. Celebrating the rescue of my precious rolls of film, I shoot a whole roll with my Contax T3. I paid attention to light, composition and depth of field. But what I really enjoyed was the pleasure of taking a picture and imagine it’s result in my mind. My iPhone rescued some lacks if imagination. Sometimes doesn’t matter what you do: it’s just the fact that your doing a thing that you love. 

iPhone 6 Plus, “Noir” camera mode, file treated (as less as possible) with Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro and Instagram app tools


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