The Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings: 3 September, Bergen, Norway

If you follow my blog you should know that what Daniella Cascella writes is an essential reading. The rest follows.

Writing Sound Bergen

B_PAPERThe Sculptor Sinks, Thinks, Sings
by Daniela Cascella and Dominique Hurth
The LYD Writing Research Residencies, 2015/2016, produced by Lydgalleriet
The Explorer Lounge and Panorama Bar, MS Nordnorge
Hurtigruteterminal, Nøstegate 30, 5010 Bergen, Norway

3 September 2016, 17.30-19.00

Writer Daniela Cascella and visual artist Dominique Hurth invite you onboard the MS Nordnorge as she docks in Bergen on Saturday 3 September, for a conversation in three movements around the materials of their making and writing through surfaces and voicing, interference and resonance, bodies and shadows. Intertwining the voices and channeling the presence of Clarice Lispector, Roberto Calasso, Pauline Oliveros, Agnes Martin, Robert Ashley into their own movements, accents and muteness, the two performers sound out the moment in which wavelengths superimpose into greater amplitude before reaching a state of near-disappearance.

The encounter takes place in an architecture that physically and temporally interferes with the city landscape of Bergen: one of the…

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