Image No. 34

Variations I, II, III

Hommage to Steve Reich

Usually I don’t like titles for pictures. 

But exceptions have always a good reason for exist. 

My life passed through very dark periods and the music of Steve Reich helped me a lot. 

Not only emotively, not only as music helps everyone of us so many times. 

I learned to stand my condiction by standing a music that at the start I found repetitive and senless. 

It helped me building rational structures for my mind different from the ones I’ve built with philosophy (that’s my work and my passion: but it isn’t meant to be always helpful). 

Little by little I spoiled my life of a lot of stupid things, that eventually where the things that I was paying so much attention. 

I started focusing on the essential. 

I started having a better relation with myself. 

I started trying to change. 

I’m on the road, I’m not arrived and my journey has still it’s pains. 

But my approach is changed. 

Like I’m “phasing” a little around what’s positive, amplifying it and making it sound louder and louder. 

Just life


iPhone 6, Hipstamatic app with different lens and BlacKeys Supergrain film. 

Straight, no chaser

Sometimes playing and being simple isn’t a bad idea: at least you will smile a lot


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