Image No. 33

Contax T3, Ilford FP4 PLUS, contact sheet prints

Years ago I’ve had a period when I took much more attention to the gear I was buying than to photography. 

It hasn’t been an happy period: I was never getting the supposed point, all I need was always a step further me. 

In recent years life has been a tough teacher and this helped me focusing my whole life in a different way: call it minimalism, call it “less is more”. 

I just learned that happiness is not owning. 

I still own some of the equipment I bought in that period. 

The Contax T3 is one of my favourite pieces of gear. 

It is simple but lets you control most of the operations (f aperture, over/under exposure, separate ae/af locking). 

Waking up at 4am can be quite traumatic, but gives you nice photographic opportunities. 

I received my contact sheets today and I’m really happy with what I see. 

Simple, clean images. 

How to turn a sort of addiction in something that makes you happy. 


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