Playing with Canvas for iPhone

I learned to use a computer at the University, when my Theoretical Philosophy teacher cut the long story short: “If you want to graduate you have to learn to use a PC decently. Seven days”. I’m grown up in an old village between Italy and France and I stared school speaching nothing less than “Patois”: an Occitan language that’s a mixture of French and old local dialects of northwestern Piedmont (being complete this language is spoken from my region to Spain, but that’s another story). When the PhD told me the words upon I was in panic: the phylosophy library had three PC and I was moving from one to another until the one I was using isn’t out of work for one of my errors. The poor girl that was assigned dot PC checking (now a brilliant philosopher and writer) was first desperate, then was so kind to give me the basis for the use of the infernal machine (and save her work without being driven crazy). 

All this just to say that my relation with technology has always been a love/hate affair. 

I’ve never been able to use “Canva”, the iPad app that most of my tech&design friends use for everything. The projects flowed well, all so beautiful, but at the point… Everything lost. 

I deleted it from my iPad and forgot about it.

Today an email advised me that an iPhone version of the app has been released: it sounded to me that if it was good for a phone it must have been reduced to minimal steps and that I can give it a try. Surely the fact of being in hospital and having to wait for my doc helped the decision (no, I don’t like to talk randomly in waiting room: I like to talk if there is something with a sense to say. Otherwise silence is a big gift). 

Proud of myself I produced that rework of a picture I took today and that at time being I’m in love with: add that green fluo letters and I’m crazy about it (tomorrow morning I’ll probably turn everything in my rigorous black&white, I know: but for now I feel in love with it).

I’m not making a spot for an app that I’m sure doesn’t need it (and whose team isn’t paying me for do that, sadly). The whole sense is another: in a famous quote John Cage explains that if you don’t like something you have to keep on with it until you don’t get it, until you start loving it. It is the typical zen and wise cagean mind that speaks here and I love that language. I love the idea that things aren’t good or wrong by itself, but just according to our approach to them. 

Next time an app will drive me crazy I’ll try to remind myself all I wrote upon: in time for avoid to delete it, I hope.

Give a try, it is a lot of fun.

Love, peace, care



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