Starting my new activity in fine art black and white photography

After a long time work in educational services, with more than twenty years spent teaching and helping in everyday life persons with mental diseases, I’m back to photography.

Italy is and Regione Piemonte are reducing the expenses for public teaching and support for persons with mental illness, learning problems and relation pathologies: it translated in real life it means that a lot of persons in difficult have lost their support in the last months and other will lose it in the forthcoming months. Me and a lot of other qualified psycologysts and similar working figures have lost our work. It is really sad to see that money rule over life.

At time being I’m really sad for what happened with my education activity, for all the persons in difficult I had to stop help (officially: volunteers are always welcome) and I need a pause from that activity, in order to understand what will be the best way for find a solution to current situation and keep on giving help to persons in need.

Having studied photography and having worked as a photographer since 1992 as a freelance and for various adv agencies since 1992, I’ve decided to return to my passion to get a living: I’m 45, I have a son and we both have that strange selfishness to eat a pair of times I a day.

Following my publications on Instagram and Twitter, I will daily post on that website new works and sell prints.

I never managed such an activity, so I ask you to be patient and I apologize for all the errors a I will do for sure.

I’ve always teaches persons that when you fall on the ground, no matter the wounds you got, you have to stand up and start again: I believe in what I teach and I’m not an exception to that rule.

So let’s start a new experience: something new will surely come.

In the following days I will add further informations and details.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and support.

Love, peace, care

Instagram: monochromios





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